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Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

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One of the most sought after Ford road cars and a 1980s icon. 5,000 Cosworth Sierras needed to be built to qualify for Group A saloon car racing (a process known as homologation). In the end 6,021 were made, with just 1,600 being sold in the UK. This car is standard apart from the BBR Racing prepared engine, which is claimed to produce 280bhp.

The Sierra RS Cosworth was first announced at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show. Cosworth Engineering of Northampton had a long association with Ford dating back to the 1960s, and developed the engines for the Sierra Cosworth. The new turbocharged double overhead camshaft YB engine was based around the existing Ford Pinto cylinder block. The even rarer and more powerful Sierra Cosworth RS500 followed 2 years later.

ValvesOverhead Cam 16 Valve
Output204bhp at 6,000rpm
Performance149mph, 0-60mph 6.5 seconds
Price new£15,950
ManufacturerFord Motor Co. Ltd
Loaned byPrivate Collection


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