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Norton BS

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‘Old Miracle’ is one of the most famous Norton racing motorcycles. It is believed to have established 112 solo and sidecar national and international records between 1912 and 1920. This machine was particularly associated with renowned rider and tuner Daniel ‘Wizard’ O’Donovan, the first rider to exceed 80mph on a 500cc bike.

Production versions were produced from 1912. The racing model, known as the Brooklands Special (BS), and the sporty Brooklands Road Special (BRS) were fitted with engines that had been tested at Brooklands by O’Donovan and guaranteed to have lapped at 70mph and 65mph respectively. These bikes had direct belt drive, with no clutch or gears.

Valvesside valve
Output18bhp at 4,500rpm
Maximum speed80mph/128.75kph
Price new£60
ManufacturerNorton Motors Ltd
OwnerMontagu Collection


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