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Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII

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The Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII was one of the first sports cars. It was named after King Alfonso XIII of Spain, who was so impressed with the model that he ordered one as soon as he had road tested it. This car spent its early life in Ireland and has damage to the steering wheel that is believed to date from the Irish Rebellion of Easter 1916.

Built in Spain to the designs of Swiss engineer Marc Birkigt, Hispano-Suiza was best known for its prestige cars and aero engines. An attempt to cater for the smaller car market in 1907 led to a 12hp model, the chassis of which was developed into the Alfonso XIII. The popularity of this model in France resulted in the opening of a Paris factory in 1911.

Cylinders4 cylinder
Valvesside valve in T-head
Output64bhp at 2,300rpm
Price new£545
ManufacturerS.A. Hispano Suiza
OwnerMontagu Collection


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