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Lotus 49 R3

On Display

The Lotus 49 was introduced during the 1967 season. Its truncated monocoque chassis was the first to use the legendary Ford-Cosworth DFV (Double Four Valve) engine, which acted as a stressed member.

Twelve cars were built, though chassis R3 has some unique modifications. The sole surviving 1967 team car, it was built overnight on the eve of the British Grand Prix for Graham Hill, and used by him for the rest of the season. Following the South African Grand Prix of 1968, the car was sold and raced there for many years. Restored in 1982, it came to the Museum three years later.

Valvesdouble overhead camshaft
Output408hp @ 9,000rpm
Maximum speed180+mph/290+kph
Price newn/a
ManufacturerTeam Lotus International Ltd


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