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List of Vehicles in the Collection

Explore the vehicles in our Collections and see which ones are on display in the National Motor Museum. Please note that vehicles on display can change at short notice. If there is a particular vehicle that you wish to view please contact us on 01590 614541 in advance of your visit to check that it is on display. You can also sponsor any vehicle in the Museum owned by the National Motor Museum Trust.

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Ferrari 599 GTO

On Display

When introduced in 2010 Ferrari claimed the 599GTO to be their fastest road car ever. It continued the famous marque’s long tradition for front-engine, twelve-cylinder cars. The GTO was developed from the 599GTB Fiorano, and is essentially a road legal version of the experimental 599XX track car (which was priced at an incredible £1.2 million). Only 599 GTOs were built and all were spoken for well before they were completed. Power comes from the F140C version of Ferrari’s F140 family of engines first used in the Enzo model of 2002 and also fitted in the Maserati MC12.

The 599 GTO is only the third Ferrari to carry the famous GTO name, the others being the iconic 250GTO of 1962 and the 288GTO of 1984. The 599 range was replaced by the F12 Berlinetta in 2013.

CylindersV12, double overhead camshaft,
Output661bhp at 8,250rpm
Performance208mph, 0-62mph 3.3 seconds
Price new£305,676
ManufacturerFerrari Maranello
Loaned byPrivate Owner


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