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Royal Enfield Prototype Army Mod

On Display

Throughout World War II, all production motorcycles for the Allied forces had been slightly modified civilian models. In 1944, however, the Ministry of Supply decided to lay down some basic requirements for a purpose-built solo service machine including maximum weight, statutory ground clearance, top speed and fuel consumption.

BSA, Douglas, Royal Enfield and Triumph all put forward prototypes for consideration but before any decision was made, the war came to an end. In July 1946, the machines were put on display at an exhibition of military vehicles and eventually the Triumph TRW was adopted.

Designed by H.J. Hatch, this 2-cylinder 348cc machine, Royal Enfield’s proposal, had a number of interesting features not least the huge oil-filled chain-case that housed both primary and final drive chains, and sealed by a sizeable gasket. Having employed a rigid frame, it was also fitted with an oversized rear tyre to address ride comfort.

Price newNot marketed
ManufacturerDesigned by H.J. Hatch


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