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Lancia Corsa

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This racing Lancia had a short competition career in the USA. Shipped new to Lancia’s United States distributor the Hol-Tan Company of New York, Billy Knipper drove it in the Massapequa Sweepstake on Long Island on 1st October 1910. He won the Tiedeman Trophy at Savanna on 11th November. The car passed into private ownership soon after and was at one time used to attend fires by the Fire Chief of Lenox, Massuchusetts. It was also used as a garage recovery vehicle.

Vincenzo Lancia established the Lancia Company in late 1906, having previously worked for Fiat as test driver and works racing driver. Lancia continued to race for Fiat until 1908 while also competing successfully in cars carrying his own name. Lancia retired from racing after winning the ‘Flying Mile’ event at Modena in 1910.

Manufacturerlancia & Co. Turin
OwnerPrivate owner


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