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Scott Squirrel 500cc

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Scott motorcycles were always unorthodox. This Flying Squirrel, like the majority of the company’s motorcycles, has a water-cooled, two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. It also has the distinctive rigid triangulated frame design that contributed to the machine’s excellent handling. Scott’s were noted for their acceleration, the two-stroke engines developing more power at lower speeds than their four-stroke rivals.

Albert Scott’s first production bikes of 1908 featured not only the distinctive water-cooled two-stroke engine and triangulated frame but also a kick-starter and foot gear change, both advanced features for the time. Over the years Scott motorcycles developed an almost cult following among enthusiasts. Scott publicity boasted of “silence, performance, simplicity and smoothness”.

Cylinders2 cylinder
Output30bhp at 5,000rpm
Price new£83
ManufacturerScott Motor Cycle Co
Loaned byPrivate Owner


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