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Sunbeam Cub

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The Sunbeam racing team had been very successful in 1923, culminating with a win by Segrave in the French Grand Prix. The Sunbeam design for the 1924 season was similar, but the three competing cars were supercharged. Probably the fastest cars on the track at Lyon that year, their power was compromised by unreliability.

Driven by K. L. Guinness, this car was forced to retire with a damaged universal joint, after leading briefly on the 16th lap. Later in the year, it competed in the Spanish Grand Prix at San Sebastian, with Guinness at the controls once more. The race ended in tragedy when the car crashed into a ravine, killing Barrett, the mechanic riding with Guinness. The Sunbeam was rebuilt and used successfully by Segrave in British hill-climbing events.

Kaye Don later drove Sunbeams at Brooklands, having already made a name for himself at the circuit. Between 1928 and 1930, he created over twenty international records in the 2-litre class at the circuit with this car. Also driving the V12, 4-litre cars dubbed Tiger and Tigress, it was inevitable that the 2-litre Sunbeam would become known as the Cub.

CylindersIn-line 6
ValvesDouble overhead camshaft
Output170hp @ 5,500rpm
Maximum speed130mph/209.21kph
Price newNot marketed
ManufacturerSunbeam Motor Car Co. Ltd


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