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Morris Minor SV

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Originally launched in 1928, the Minor was Morris Motors’ answer to the Austin Seven. It was originally powered by an overhead camshaft engine developed by Wolseley, which had recently been acquired by William Morris. In 1931 this basic version of the Minor was launched, powered by a side-valve engine and priced at just £100. For this modest sum the motorist got a two-seat car with simplified lighting, black painted radiator shell and no bumpers.

Despite the attractive price, the £100 Minor SV did not sell very well. For just £14 more the same car could be supplied with the benefit of a fabric saloon body, or a coach built saloon body for £119. A van version was also available for a modest £110. The Minor sold well, a total of 86,318 were built of which 47,231 were the SV models built between 1931 and 1934.

CylindersIn-line 4
Output19hp @ 4,000rpm
Price new£100
ManufacturerMorris Motors Ltd
Loaned byPrivate Collection


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