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Matchless 2½hp

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Matchless were one of the most famous names in the British motorcycle industry. Like many others they grew from the bicycle trade, producing their first motorcycle in 1899. For many years the company used proprietary engines, JAP in this case, producing their own from 1924. This is a typical motorcycle of the period which clearly shows its bicycle origins.

Henry Collier started producing bicycles under the Matchless name in the 1890s. His sons Charles and Harry began experimenting with engines in 1899 with the first production Matchless motorcycles appearing in 1902, powered by an MMC engine. Charles won the single cylinder class in first Isle of man TT in 1907. Matchless became an established name and made an unsuccessful attempt at producing cars in the 1920s. Matchless absorbed AJS in 1931and became Associated Motorcycles in 1938.

Valvesside valve
Price new£50
ManufacturerH.A. Collier and Sons Ltd
OwnerNational Motor Museum Trust


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