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Land Rover R.04

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Inspired by the wartime Jeep, the first prototype Land-Rovers appeared in 1947. Rover then built forty eight pre-production, or pilot, versions for testing and evaluation purposes before the launch of the production vehicles in 1948. R04 is the fourth of the pilot batch and one of the oldest surviving Land-Rovers.

Planned as a four-wheel-drive agricultural runabout, the Land-Rover was quite unlike anything the Rover Company had built before. The engine and gearbox came from the Rover P3 road car. As on the Jeep, a transfer box transmitted the drive to front and rear axles. Body panels were made from aluminium, which was relatively cheap and in plentiful supply compared with steel, the use of which was restricted by the government. Production Land-Rovers were an instant hit. By the end of 1948 Land-Rovers were outselling Rover’s road cars and were being exported in large numbers.

CylindersIn-line 4
Output50hp @ 4,000rpm
Price new£540 (production models)
ManufacturerThe Rover Co. Ltd
OwnerThe National Motor Museum Trust


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